VOICES IN YOUR HEAD by Yvo Brunskill & the Barefoot Doctor

VOICES IN YOUR HEAD by Yvo Brunskill & the Barefoot Doctor

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OCD and how to take command of your mind.

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Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Innovative process to be free of OCD – read the story and learn the method

This book follows the amazing and at times, scary inner journey one woman went on, from the depths of suicidal despair plagued by 60 years of loud destructive inner voices and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) to a state of health and happiness. It tells the very personal story of Yvo’s battle and how she has come through it free of the psychosis that was controlling and ruining her life. 

The process

The way it happened is the complete opposite of the accepted, conventional treatment for OCD and voices in the head. Some might call it ‘magical’. This woman certainly does. In the book we follow her through the stages via emails that took place between her and the Barefoot Doctor. He guides her through the process till, following all his advice and instructions, she comes out the other side free of the destructive voices and OCD and able to take up her life again. It is a very candid account. All her vulnerability is exposed. Yet, the more you read, the stronger she gets, until ‘magically’ the OCD has disappeared. For anyone suffering in this way, or with any battle going on in their mind, this book can help in the most profound way.

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VOICES IN YOUR HEAD by Yvo Brunskill & the Barefoot Doctor

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1 review for VOICES IN YOUR HEAD by Yvo Brunskill & the Barefoot Doctor

  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Maz (verified owner)

    People: BUY THIS BOOK!!!

    Voices In Your Head is an extraordinarily remarkable book by two extraordinarily remarkable people. Yvo’s incredible open-hearted account (meaning both her open heart and the effect of opening the reader’s heart) truthfully and bravely elucidates the erudite wisdom, humour and infinite care that exemplifies Barefoot Doctor’s unique and thorough ‘healing’ paradigm….although The Doc would probably call it ‘reintegration of self’.

    Yvo’s eloquent narrative of her humbling struggle with, what is empirically referred to as OCD, and the devestating effect that had on her life, shows her raw fragility as she battles her demons.
    The book chronicles her ‘healing’ through a series of emails between the two protagonists. To elucidate the salient points there is a plenitude of pertinent comments by both Yvo and The Doc.
    Yvo valiantly reveals her introspection with outstanding clarity and candour, and the reader journeys with her through the psycho-spatial process to beauty-full, wonder-full intergrated self.

    The Doc’s intelligent and person-focused guidance eschews the usual bland mediocrity of labels, in favour of enlightened and enlightening empathy which leads to outstanding and astonishing results, bordering on the miraculous. (For those working with the allopathic and medical model, don’t worry; The Doc formalises his approach by breaking it down into 13 steps.)

    Yvo refers to Doc as ‘magical’ and in turn Doc refers to Yvo, as ‘a rare soul of immense courage’, personally knowing both, I wholeheartedly agree with their appraisals of the other.
    I truly believe this book should be compulsory reading for my colleagues in medical Mental Health and the Emergency paradigm. Infact I am gifting some with copies, as I feel it is a gift that will enable them to give to others, for a much more integrated society.

    It is brave, humorous, wonderful, enlightening, erudite, magical book.
    BUY IT!!!

    Well done to both courageous Yvo and Stephen.

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