VIYH Sample


Hi RS, I appreciate it must be scary – my respect to you. I understand the fear of relocating too. My concern is this: I know your primary goal is always to protect Yvonne, and I also know that the way you’re doing it could be improved. I say this because she’s been extremely unhappy, and although you’ve grown familiar with living in an unhappy environment and so are scared to see any changes happen, she’s now finding the way to her happiness and you’ll find if you go along for the ride you’ll also feel a lot better living in a happy environment instead.

The left side has a more rational, practical atmosphere, and I feel you’ll find it refreshing–less drama, less tension. I suggest just taking a short trip over there so you can see what it feels like – like a three-day vacation – and though it may feel a bit odd at first I’m sure you’ll feel enriched by it.

In any case it’s not far to go and at least it may provide an alternative. My suspicion is that even though you’re at home where you are, you’ll actually love the feeling of loosening the shackles a tad.

If you’re agreeable, make the move and email me from there. I’m not trying to trick you, nor am I trying to get Yvonne to abandon you–to the contrary, I want her to integrate you and have you do your job of protecting her but in a more efficient way that works better for her and you. Love, BD

[Stephen – this represented a startling degree of honesty in dialogue between me and imaginary people, rather like extreme method acting, by which, though you know you’re acting a character, you’re simultaneously being completely genuine in your sentiments and intention.]

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