Voices In Your Head synopsis

  • This book follows the amazing and at times, scary inner journey one woman went on, from the depths of suicidal despair plagued by 60 years of loud destructive inner voices and obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) to a state of health and happiness. It tells the very personal story of Yvo’s battle and how she has come through it free of the psychosis that was controlling and ruining her life. The process and the way it happened is the complete opposite of the accepted, conventional treatment for OCD and voices in the head. Some might call it ‘magical’. This woman certainly does. In the book we follow her through the stages via emails that took place between her and the Barefoot Doctor. He guides her through the process till, following all his advice and instructions, she comes out the other side free of the destructive voices and OCD and able to take up her life again. It is a very candid account. All her vulnerability is exposed. Yet, the more you read, the stronger she gets, until ‘magically’ the OCD has disappeared. For anyone suffering in this way, or with any battle going on in their mind, this book can help in the most profound way.

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